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AI Meeting Copilot

You can now save and share meeting clips!

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Shared by Mikaela • April 11, 2024

Create clips from your meeting recordings to isolate and share key decisions, how-tos, or next steps.

Clips are visible in your recording library or in the recording modal itself (under the new Clips tab)

AI Meeting Copilot

Send more contextual notes to Hubspot and Salesforce with AI

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Shared by Mikaela • April 11, 2024

Notes sent to Salesforce and HubSpot now include AI-generated summaries, decisions, chapters and suggested action items from the Fellow AI Copilot!

Updated Note Layout!

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Shared by Ashley • March 15, 2024

Hi there,

We’ve made some updates to the design and layout of your Fellow notes to simplify the interface while surfacing information and actions when most relevant for your meeting.

Meeting date and time

The date and time is always displayed so you know when the meeting is. During the meeting, it becomes a meeting timer so you know how much time you have left in your meeting. Clicking this button will show the full calendar event details.

Fellow Copilot recording status

Before the meeting, if the Fellow Copilot has been enabled to record your meeting, an icon will be displayed so all attendees can see this meeting will be recorded.

Note toolbar

We’ve moved the toolbar to the top of the note, and is now the primary way to edit notes throughout Fellow – this means Private notes, Templates, and Sections also get this new toolbar.

Suggested actions

We’ve introduced a new element that we call “Suggested actions” at the bottom of every note. What is suggested will change depending on the meeting cycle (before, during, or after the meeting) to surface relevant actions for your meeting.

For more information, check out the Help Center

Feature update

Automatically notify participants that their upcoming meeting lacks an agenda

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Shared by Mikaela • February 26, 2024

The No Agenda reminder is a new meeting guideline that will notify meeting organizers (or all meeting participants) that their upcoming meeting is lacking an agenda.

From there, meeting organizers have the option to either:

  • ✍️ create an agenda OR
  • 🚫 reschedule/cancel the meeting.

Admins are able to customize when the reminder gets sent and for what meetings (ex. meetings with more than 2 attendees). To get started, visit Workspace SettingsMeeting Guidelines and toggle on the No agenda reminders at the bottom.

Learn more

AI Meeting Copilot
New feature

Increase accountability with automatically generated action items and decisions

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Shared by Mikaela • February 20, 2024

In addition to the transcript, recording, and summary, the Fellow AI Meeting Copilot now generates suggested action items based on what was discussed in the meeting! As well as highlight key decisions made during the meeting.

These action items can be added to the meeting note with a click of the button so that nothing slips through the cracks!


Built-in Meeting Guidelines for Outlook

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Shared by Mikaela • February 20, 2024

Don’t let bad meeting habits slow your team down! With Fellow's Meeting Guidelines, meeting best practices are integrated into every Outlook event.

These best practices include:

  • Reducing large meetings to 7 or less attendees
  • Adding an end date for recurring meetings
  • Implementing a no-meeting day across your organization
  • Highlighting attendees with 20+ hours of meetings per week
  • Booking meetings more than 4 hours in advance
  • Shorten meetings by 5-10 minutes
  • Adding a meeting purpose to the calendar event

These Meeting Guidelines can be enabled by an admin for workspaces on the Enterprise plan. Learn more

AI Meeting Copilot

Easily store, access, and manage all of your recorded meetings

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Shared by Mikaela • February 20, 2024

To access your Recording Library, open your home panel and click on Recordings

This is currently available to users who have access to the Meeting Copilot and whose workspace is on a Business or Enterprise Plan.

And we're not done yet - more enhancements will be added to the Recordings Library soon!

AI Meeting Copilot

Easily set your preferences for your AI Meeting Copilot

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Shared by Mikaela • February 14, 2024

Select when and how you would like to use the Fellow Copilot by visiting User Settings --> Fellow Copilot

Here you will have the option to choose how to use the Copilot that best fits your workflow. This could be setting the Copilot to capture meetings and decisions from:

  • every meeting on your calendar that has a video link
  • all meetings that have been organized by you
  • only meetings where you have manually toggled it to record

Increase engagement during meetings with Live Reactions

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Shared by Mikaela • February 06, 2024

When a reaction is added to a note, the emoji will scroll (or float) up from the bottom right corner of the screen - making reacting more interactive and engaging than ever!

These live reactions are a great way to give encouragement during the meeting, engage meeting participants, or even run a quick pulse check.

To send a Live Reaction, add a reaction as usual by clicking on the three dot drop menu next to the note content that you would like to react to. Then select Add a reaction!

Live Reactions can also be disabled by going to User Settings --> Preferences. Learn more

AI Meeting Copilot
Feature update

Easily replay, edit, and share your AI meeting recordings, transcriptions, and summaries!

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Shared by Mikaela • January 08, 2024

New for 2024, your AI Meeting Copilot has a whole new look paired with a set of updates!

Now you can:

🔗 Share the link to the meeting recording with everyone on the note, in your workspace, or anyone external.

🖋 Easily access and edit key moments in your meeting with chapters and short summaries.

📂 Download transcripts, subtitles, and summaries into one handy zip file

📹 Continue using Fellow while viewing the recording with the new mini-player.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates to the AI Meeting Copilot coming soon!