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Updated Note Layout!

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Shared by Ashley • March 15, 2024

Hi there,

We’ve made some updates to the design and layout of your Fellow notes to simplify the interface while surfacing information and actions when most relevant for your meeting.

Meeting date and time

The date and time is always displayed so you know when the meeting is. During the meeting, it becomes a meeting timer so you know how much time you have left in your meeting. Clicking this button will show the full calendar event details.

Fellow Copilot recording status

Before the meeting, if the Fellow Copilot has been enabled to record your meeting, an icon will be displayed so all attendees can see this meeting will be recorded.

Note toolbar

We’ve moved the toolbar to the top of the note, and is now the primary way to edit notes throughout Fellow – this means Private notes, Templates, and Sections also get this new toolbar.

Suggested actions

We’ve introduced a new element that we call “Suggested actions” at the bottom of every note. What is suggested will change depending on the meeting cycle (before, during, or after the meeting) to surface relevant actions for your meeting.

For more information, check out the Help Center